Quickline Community: Central help with discussions and FAQ's

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Quickline is one of the leading Swiss providers of entertainment and communication. For their customers, we have developed a new community based on the open-source framework called Flarum. Besides discussions, Quickline has integrated their FAQ's into the community. This makes the community a central help site for Quickline customers.


  • Community as central help with
    • Discussions
    • FAQ’s
    • Products Blog
  • Product Beta Testing


  • High engagement rate
  • Community as a relevant factor in support and for customer insights
  • Successful beta tests

Our contribution

Community Strategy & Consulting

We accompany and advise Quickline on community and social media issues from the initial idea to the operational phase.

Technical Community Operations

Glowing Blue takes over the entire technical operation, hosting and further development of the community.

Community Design & Customizations

The Flarum Community was designed according to the Quickline style guides and various custom adjustments were made.



Quickline has integrated all FAQ's into the community. So the community acts as a central help hub for Quickline customers. At the same time, community content was integrated back into the website.


Analysis and reporting

We create customized reports and dashboards. In addition to the usual community KPIs, we also measure the engagement rate and active usage (MAU/WAU/DAU).

Quickline Social Media Consulting & Support

In addition to the community we are happy to advise and support Quickline on various social media topics:

  • Social media strategy
  • Social Media Tool Evaluation and Setup (Hootsuite)
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Support in dialogue
  • Social Media Analytics & Dashboard
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Channel optimizations e.g. YouTube

You can find more about our social media offer here.