Community Integration

bluewin.ch_top-view is the fifth-largest news portal in Switzerland. In order to provide your readers with even more interaction possibilities and to increase engagement, a comment function based on Flarum was developed, which is integrated into the Swisscom login and into the frontend (Livingdocs).

The Project

MVC Launch

The community was launched as MVC (Minimal Viable Community) with basic functionalities and activated step by step for individual articles on

Integration on

The community is seamlessly embedded on and can be activated for individual articles. Authors can determine how long the comment function should be active per article.

Highlights & Features

Seamless headless integration

The comment function is seamlessly integrated into the website. Content is indexed and can therefore be found by search engines.

Swisscom Login Integration

Users can log in with their existing Swisscom login for the comment function.

Automatic username & avatar

After login, an automatic username and avatar image is created, and the user can interact directly.

Auto-publishing & pre-moderation

Authors can set a start and end date for activating or deactivating of the commenting functionality and comments are pre-moderated, i.e. are released by moderators.