SBB Community: Customers help customers & co-development

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SBB is the largest transportation company in Switzerland. In addition to "Customers help customers" and Service Tips (blog), SBB has very successfully launched the so-called "Preview Communities". Here customers can test beta versions of SBB products and services, give feedback and suggest ideas for new features.


  • Customers help customers
  • Preview Community for beta products and features
  • Product & Service Blog


  • Successful co-development
  • High engagement rate

Our contribution

Community Strategy & Consulting

Together with the SBB Community Manager, we develop strategic initiatives and plan further development.

Technical Community Operations

Glowing Blue takes over the entire technical operation and further development of the community.

Community (Re-) Design & User Testing

In addition to the initial design and specific subject pages ("Gotthard"), we developed and implemented a complete redesign for the SBB Community based on the new corporate design in 4 languages.

The first SBB Community Design

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Community Redesign 2017

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Custom Community Components

We were invited to develop a number of custom features for the SBB Khoros Community. These include an onboarding tour, a dynamic header and a custom SSO onboarding component:

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Onboarding Tour

The onboarding tour allows new users to explore the different areas of the community and makes it easier for them to enter the different sections of the community.

Dynamic header

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The "dynamic header" allows "top topics" from the different community sections to be displayed in the header. Here you can select both specific topics per section and global topics.

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Custom SSO Onboarding component

This component guides users step by step through the first registration in the community.

Integration & Migration

To ensure a consistent community experience, the MVC-based Mobile Preview Community was integrated into the Khoros platform while users and content were migrated. This was done for 3 languages.

SBB Preview Community.png

Analysis and reporting

We create customized reports and dashboards for SBB. In addition to the usual community KPIs, we also measure the engagement rate and active usage (MAU/WAU/DAU).